“Greek Acupuncture” is a book of practical acupuncture based on the combination of Traditional Chinese and Ancient Greek Medicine.

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The beginning of modern acupuncture is found in China. We owe to Chinese our gratitude and respect for preserving such a wonderful ancient technique and disseminating it in the modern world. As author of this book on the renaissance of ancient Greek medicine, I am even more grateful to the Chinese, whom I consider my masters and brothers, because it was Chinese medicine and acupuncture that led me to Hippocrates and ancient Greek medical thinking. Through Chinese thought I was able to understand Greek thought. From the moment I understood their similarities, my only goal was to publicize the fusion of these two schools of thought. This is a book that combines the two most important schools of medical thought in human history, the Greek and the Chinese. It also makes acupuncture, born of the marriage between Greek and Chinese thought, accessible to everyone.

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